Together We Get It Done!


I was referred to Trent by several people. I never thought I would be able to buy a home by myself. He helped walk me through the entire process and answered the many questions I had thoroughly. I now own my first home. Thank you Trent for the great experience.
Britianee G
When we first met Trent, we had been declined an opportunity to get a mortgage and wanted help to get us back on track to achieve that goal. Trent sat down with us and kindly explained everything that needed to be corrected before he'd even let us try again because he wanted our next attempt to be successful. After we became approved, Trent continued to be very accessible and willing to answer every question. Trent restored our dream of buying a house and made it a reality!
Richard C
Trent made things easy and was always available to answer questions. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage!
Seth A
Jenna M
Trent and staff made the home buying process easy and almost stress free. Small hiccup during the process that was no fault of Diamond Mortgage but Trent went another path and still made contract date.
Andrew K
i finally own a home cause of you
Corry M
We were people who thought we would never be able to buy a house. We knew our credit score wasn't where it needed to be and thought buying a house would be impossible. We had went to an open house and someone recommended Trent Peterman. We called him and he gave us some advice to boost our credit scores. We did exactly what he said and in two months our credit score was high enough to qualify for a home loan! We were so excited! We were able to buy a home in less than a year. The whole experience with Trent was great! I had never bought a home before and had alot of questions. He answered every question that I had and always answered my calls. He definitely made me feel like we were a priority and made buying a home simple and painless! He is awesome and I would totally recommend him to anyone and already have!
He was awesome answered all my question in a timely fashion
Tyler M
It was great.
Adam L
Beverly G
The process was fast and easy.
Katie Y
Trent was great, so was Meaghan. The process however to get a loan was extremely frustrating. The amount of questions asked and most of the items needed were irrelevant to the loan I was asking for. For example.... they needs information about an apartment building that's under a coorperation for my personal home loan.
Joshua L
Trent made sure to help guide me through the process & made sure i got the loan that fit me the best. The process was very quick and easy.
Kaitlynn S
Trent took the time to explain things in a way that was easy to underdstand. Very down to earth and nice guy.
Zachary B
Trent made the purchase of my first rental property easy and painless. His office communicated well during the whole process.
Colette E