Together We Get It Done!


Quick responses to questions anytime I had one.
Hayden C
I thought 98% of the service was great. The team was very quick about following up to my emails , etc. I was new to the loan process so I don’t know how things are “supposed” to be but I did feel as if a lot of the final work was completed hours before closing. We were even notified after we signed papers and had the keys that the loan company was starting a review my credit to verifu I hadn’t opened any new accounts . I felt this was probably vital research necessary for completion prior.
Leslie H
Fast and easy service
Keith D
Scott G
Our experience wasn’t unpleasant because of Trent. Our experience was unpleasant because of the underwriter. We had all necessary paperwork and funds submitted a month prior to closing and we got a call 4 days before closing that we weren’t approved for a bunch of different reasons. So we spent 3 days leading up to closing running around trying to basically start over with collecting information. It was a very stressful buying experience. Not memorable at all.
Amber P
First home was a breeze with Trent. Him and the team helped me out so much along the way to home ownership! Thank you so much!
Daniel P
Trent is always just a text, call or email away from all of my questions! He’s helped me every step of the way on what to expect and what I need to do next to make things smoother. Without Trent we wouldn’t be moving into our dream home!
Carissa M
Trent walked me through everything and got back to me with the answers to my questions in a timely manner
Kristina C
Everything went smoothly with our mortgage. Trent was very easy to work with.
Bethany H
Aric H
Trent and his support staff were a big help as we worked through this process. He was always avaliable for our random questions and made sure we were where we needed to be. I would definitely recommend for any 1st time home buyers, Trent and his people pretty much hold your hand through the entire process. Everything that could be done electronically was and they're avaliable by email, text, phone. We appreciate all the hard work they did to get us into our new (old) home.
Ashley S
Melinda E
Great service from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone trying to purchase a home in Illinois.
Jason W
Trent was very helpful letting me know what I needed to do to get my score high enough to be accepted for the FHA loan . He worked with me when needed as I looked at different places . He was a nice pleasant guy to work with .
Eric N
Trent was great and easy to work with. Answered all my questions!
Jessica B