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When asking about potential roadblocks, we weren't provided with much information. This caused our close date to be extended, which caused a lot of issues with the sellers and their agent. When I would email questions, they typically wouldn't get answered. I even called his assistant a couple times and did not get a return phone call at all. And, the only time I ever spoke to or met Trent was the day we were to sign papers. It didn't establish much confidence in the process or his company.
Shayla A
First home was a breeze with Trent. Him and the team helped me out so much along the way to home ownership! Thank you so much!
Daniel P
Our experience wasn’t unpleasant because of Trent. Our experience was unpleasant because of the underwriter. We had all necessary paperwork and funds submitted a month prior to closing and we got a call 4 days before closing that we weren’t approved for a bunch of different reasons. So we spent 3 days leading up to closing running around trying to basically start over with collecting information. It was a very stressful buying experience. Not memorable at all.
Amber P
Scott G
Fast and easy service
Keith D
I thought 98% of the service was great. The team was very quick about following up to my emails , etc. I was new to the loan process so I don’t know how things are “supposed” to be but I did feel as if a lot of the final work was completed hours before closing. We were even notified after we signed papers and had the keys that the loan company was starting a review my credit to verifu I hadn’t opened any new accounts . I felt this was probably vital research necessary for completion prior.
Leslie H
Quick responses to questions anytime I had one.
Hayden C
The constant need for information that I have never had to give for any loan in the past. Some information was so old and irrelevant. I understand the need to loan only those who can pay back but l never have had to provide so much and duplicate info. Along with statements typed up to satisfy the underwriter.
Brenda H
Good communication. Explained things well..
Jacob H
How to get all inspections done or what to do if house has a pool and no one will inspect it in Winter months.
Andrew K
Overall a wonderful experience.
Kasey S
Easy to work with
Schylur Z
We had a great experience purchasing our first home. Trent and his team was very helpful throughout the process. Everything worked out great!! Thank you
Jacob D
Trent really helped me out and was there to answer any questions I had. Would definitely work with him again
Jeremy R
Trent was able to help guide us through the process of purchasing a home when we were not sure if it would be possible. He was able to answer questions that we had in a very timely manner and was very honest with us at all times. We appreciate everything Trent has done for us and our family!
Christopher B